MF x Financial Times

The Martha Freud x Financial Times “Fearlessly Pink” collection was conceived to celebrate the newspaper’s 130th birthday of printing on pink paper. A limited-edition series of exquisitely scented candles and refined tableware, all handmade by the artist herself, showcases Martha’s signature wordplay and consummate skill.     


The inspiration for the collection stems from both the FT’s distinctive pink colouring and their motto “Without Fear, Without Favour”. The aromatic candles recreate the paper’s iconic roseate hue, and feature three joyful and ebullient slogans that proudly embody the twin values of courage and independence so crucial in both modern journalism and contemporary life.


In the Against the Tide set of plates and bowls, a lone pink fish surges in the opposite direction to several white ones. The blush glaze on the hero fish highlights every detail, while the other fish blend into the background: a visual reminder that striking out for unknown waters requires such conviction, it deserves to be seen.