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You're Not Lost

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You're Not Lost
You're Not Lost

Porcelain pot filled with a scented candle.

Fragrance: Earth (Fig & Amber)

Fragrance Description: ‘This scent makes me think of daydreaming in the grass, when you don’t have to be anywhere or do anything and time just stands still. Lying back in late summer with the sky overhead, feeling the earth beneath, supporting you and warming your skin. Bliss.’

A fragrance born of the soil and the sun, the opulent sweetness of fig, dewy, fresh and heavy on the tree, is balanced with the warmth of musk, coconut and amber - a fossilised resin so mysterious, the ancient Romans believed it came from a golden residue created when the rays of the sun struck the earth.


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MF embossed backstamp.
Quantity: Edition of 25 + 2 APs.
Exhibition: Mixed Messages, Nonemore Gallery.
Material +
Glazed Porcelain in Hydra White
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Gentle hand wash only
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The Vessel is made using the method of coiling and hand building, made using a gorged earthenware clay. An underglaze is then applied using a variety of methods including washes, line work and sgraffito. The vessel is then glazed to finish.