buying the work

Commissioning lights, furniture and projects

All of the designs featured on the website are available to order. The work can also be adapted to specific locations (ie change dimensions, finishes and even materials). There are often a few pieces ready and available, however most work is done via commissions.

The works are essentially functional sculpture: each piece is unique and nothing is mass-produced. We like to make sure that it is displayed properly. For example, the generic studio light fixings will not always be suitable but we do have the systems in place to create something that is.

We are also very interested in developing project ideas adaptable to the Martha Freud Design aesthetic.

The Process

1. First Contact: If you wish to purchase a Martha Freud Design piece, or have an idea for a specific light, item of furniture or project, you should simply contact us via email.

2. Initial Discussions/ Meeting: We will then send you details and options if the item is straightforward, or we will arrange a meeting. There is no charge or commitment at this stage.

3. Agreeing Terms: After the initial meeting we will agree terms and a delivery date for an item and take a deposit. For an in-stock light this may be a simple matter of choosing display options, paying, and then us re-finishing for delivery hours or days later. A complex item of furniture might however take 4-8 weeks to complete and we would agree an exact specification.

4. Design work: We will normally charge for detailed design ideas: we are able to produce detailed drawings and models and carry out site visits.

5. Manufacturing: We have excellent relationships with many skilled artisans working in metal, stone, ceramics, glass, plastics and wood. Our team has worked with some of these people for over 10 years. We are able to source high quality and often rare materials. As well as manufacturing objects for design projects we have years of experience in displaying fine art, especially sculpture. We have also made props for events.

6. Project Management: We have considerable in-house experience and ability. We are used to building the right team and completing complex projects.